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I put this information in your survey but wanted to also post it on your comments page. Thanks for such a wonderful ride. I was total impressed with the quality of the horses, equipment and the wrangler, Mark. I appreciated the fact he took the time to make sure that everyone had the correct stirrup length. I have horses back in Indiana and ridingon the beach was a dream that you all helped make a reality. Thank you! I'll take riding on the beach to riding in the forestry any day. I'll be calling you again to ride when I come out to Monterey to visit my daughter.

Deb R.

Palmyra, Ind.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful time and being such a great guide, Mike!  We will definitely want to return!  We'll never forget riding on the beach and the gentleness of the horses.  I had ridden twice before, and this was the first time I ever had the opportunity to trot with the horse.  It was because of our full confidence in you and your expertise that we were able to do so.   Thanks again for being such a friendly and professional guide!

We wish you and your family a wonderful new year!

Brian and Marnie


We were out at your place yesterday (Sunday, May 27th). I just want to say Thank you. Linda gave my kids horseback riding lessons. She was very good with them and very gracious to us. She showed us around and told us stories about all your animals. We all had a very nice time and will visit every time we get up this way.

Thank you again,

Kim O.

Hello -- my husband and I enjoyed a wonderful ride along the Monterey beach, guided by Dominick. Thank you so much for a great ride. Dominick was a great guide -- he even managed some great action photos for us (even though Apollo did not want to slow down for his photo shoot)! We will definitely look you up again the next time we come up to Monterey.


Hi Mike,
I just want to thank you again for this afternoon. I had a very good time. I was expecting tired, lazy horses and I was so wrong. You were very kind, paying attention to each of us in that big group. You sure treat your animals very nicely, they were in great shape. It is important to me. Silver is a great horse and I cannot believe he is that old! I will definetely ask for him next time. Thank you again and my compliments for your business. You make people and animals happy, bravo!


Thank you for the best ride I've ever had! This was the first time I've actually been able to RIDE the horse instead of just sitting in the saddle while the horse just follows the one in front of it like a robot, where you don't even have to hold the reins because it's so predictable & boring. I was certainly not bored & had a BLAST! I will definitely be back & have already recommended M.B.E.C. to several people. It was well worth the price. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

                    Sincerely yours, Debbie V.

                    Pacific Grove, California.

Hi Michael,

I wanted to thank you for making our past weekend in Monterey a wonderful one. Everything went perfect with the proposal and the weekend, and you were a big part of it! Thanks again. Feel free to use me as a reference for future events such as the one that I did.

                    Warm Regards, Job H.


Just a little note to say thank you for a wonderful riding experience. My husband and I were celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary in Monterey and decided a horse back riding experience on the beach would be perfect. We had so much fun! We enjoyed riding Roxie and Dallas. Our Guide was so nice and made us feel so comfortable.  He was great and very helpful! So, thank you again.....and the next time we're in Monterey, we'll definitely go riding again! 

                     Kerry and Jim K.  

Michael and Madaline:

We had the petting zoo for my son's birthday party on Saturday, the 15th. I just wanted to let you know everything was great. Parents and children enjoyed the animals. Everyone still comments on how cute those goats are! The kids got a kick out of one of the chickens laying an egg in the middle of the lawn.  

                    Thanks again!
                    Angela D.


Thank you very much for the peaceful ride on your horses on May 23, 2003. This turned out to be a great Mother's Day gift! Thank you for the excellent riding instructions. The guide was great !

Please give Reno and Roxie and the other horses a big hug for us.  

                    Best regards,

                    Steven and Elizabeth K.

Dear Mrs. Mastroianni,

I wish to congratulate you for the remarkable organization of your Ocean Rides, which I discovered through the Net. My daughter Sibyl was delighted by the "Western style" ride on the Salinas River State Beach, with other riders and under the most competent responsibility of our guide, who also drew their attention to the dolphins, the seals, the sea lions, the pelicans (30 of which were flying in a perfect V formation !), and much more - always with most informative remarks. I am now back in Switzerland, but Sibyl remains in California. She hopes she will be able to enjoy more Ocean Rides with the Monterey Equestrian Center, and to incite others to join her. Please relay my congratulations and thanks to our guide, without whom such memorable events would not be possible. Thank you also for the patience with which you answered all my telephones.

                    With best regards,
                    A. Sylvia B.

                    Geneva - Switzerland


I went out yesterday for a nice ride out on he beach with one of your staff, and I just wanted to thank all of you for making my Birthday a very special one. The guide was an excellent one. He made sure of my safety and was very nice and kind to me.   I truly had a great, wonderful time!!! Thank you. I attached some pictures to share with all of you...hope you enjoy it!

I will be sure to come back and ride with you guys again soon!!

Angelica F.


Dear Madaline,

The cutting lesson you gave Courtney was the highlight of her trip. She really enjoyed herself & wished she could stay & train with you. We wish we were still there. Thanks again for a great time.

June & Courtney  Matanuska, Ak.


Dear Michael & Madaline,

We enjoyed our ride along the beach and through the dunes. Fabulous!! Mahalo for the horseback riding experience.

Tani, Holly & April  Seascape Resort, Aptos, Ca.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Mastroianni,

I want to thank you very much for my chick. She is so small, well not any more but I just love her. She is getting a lot of her fluff everywhere and she is a star at my church. thank you for my little 'Elaine'.

Love, Sara & 'Elaine' Salinas, Ca.

Dear Mike,

I just wanted to thank you and Madaline for being part of our wedding. Everyone loved your beautiful Arabian horse and we were amazed at how calm she was.....Wish you all the best and all the success. We have only the highest of praises for you.

Take care,

Dear Michael,

Just wanted to drop you and your wife an email to tell you how much our family enjoyed riding five of your horses with Connie as our guide. The horses were beautiful and Connie was terrifically patient and enthusiastic in teaching us novice riders and providing us with a wealth of information! July 18th was a sunny day that was filled with great memories of Sugar, Dakota, Reno, Sparky, Buddy, and - of course - Connie! Please give her our regards. 

Kathleen F.


Hi Mike and everyone at Monterey Bay Equestrian Center,

This is Erin and Bernie, the newlyweds from Omaha that road Friday with the other couple from DC. Just wanted to drop a note of thanks for a wonderful day of riding on the beach! You absolutely made Erin's week! She had her heart set on riding a horse on the beach for one of our honeymoon days, and you guys made her wish come true. We are just amateurs at horse riding, but Mike did a great job of making us feel comfortable, and treating us to some of the best views around Monterey Bay. 

Thanks again for a great day,

Erin and Bernie


Dear Michael,

I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful carriage ride on our wedding day. It was one of the highlights of the day. Everyone complimented on it and are still talking about it. Thanks again for the wonderful memories.



I am writing this email to you to let you know how impressed I was by your ride.  Your horses were great - the kind of horse I would want to own for this type of riding.  Your people expertly sized us up and fitted horse to rider perfectly.  Your guide was wonderful - he gave us a great ride without being intrusive.  You showed up on time, were polite, curteous, and the rates were reasonable.

Of course the ride on the beach itself was the highpoint.   My 14 year old niece will have a great memory of her visit to the bay area.

Thank you again for such a wonderful experience,

David and Dawn

Dear Michael, Madaline, and all at Monterey Bay Equestrian Center,

On Wednesday, September 14, 2005 a dozen students from Santa Clara University were able to experience a great ride on the beach provided by your company. This was a fun, and for some of us daring, component of the Senior Leadership Academy which we were a part of that week. We wanted to thank you and our guide for the service, the horses, and the experience - all very memorable for us going into our last year of college. Once again, on behalf of all of us who participated, thanks a bunch!



Hello Michael,

Per our conversation, find attached photo's from the week of 7/10/2006 riding class. I am submitting them for your review and possible usage on your website. I do not speak on the behalf of the other parents but I am sure they would want to thank you and your staff for providing a fun fill week for our kids. A special thank should be given to Linda for her patience and abilities to foster an environment of individual achievement through the confidence our kids gained in accomplishing a goal.

Jerry W.


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