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Waiting for their turn in the trail course




Come to one of our

fun Day Camps!

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Children lined up for the judging of

the costume class



During the summer, we offer a great way for your child (7-15 yrs.) to spend the day. Enroll him or her in one of our camps for a week filled with fun. The camps normally run Mon-Fri from 9:00-3:00. Some camps will be 4-day camps, see schedule below. Each day the child takes their horse out, learns to brush and clean it, then saddle it up for a ride. The camps are set up so the older, or more experienced ones, can advance as well as the little ones.

The entire time is spent with the horses and each child will have their own horse for the week. During the camp the children will learn grooming, saddling, safety, and horsemanship. They will learn western pleasure, how to barrel race, go through an obstacle course trail riding and much more. The week ends with a horse show in which the children show off what they have learned. One of the events of the show is a costume class, where they dress themselves and their horse in a costume. Many parents choose to stay on Friday to help and to watch or videotape the show.

Everyone wins ribbons (nice ones) and the high point winner receives a trophy!  

The cost for the 5-Day camps is $375

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One of our high-point winners with her trophy


The 2015 daycamp dates are in!

June 15th through June 19th

June 22rd through June 26th

July 6th through July 10th

July 27th through July 31st

August 3rd through August 7th

If you would like to check for openings

or just need more information, call us at 831-663-5712


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Barrel racing practice